9. How It Works: Simplifying Real- World Asset Insurance

Introduction to Qorra's NFT Insurance and Secure Storage

Qorra stands at the forefront of the asset insurance industry, offering a unique blend of secure storage and tailored insurance coverage. Our mission is to empower asset owners with the confidence to navigate both the digital and physical economies securely, ensuring their valuable assets—whether digital or tokenised—are protected against loss, theft, and threats.

Streamlined 3-Step Insurance Process

  1. Connect Your Wallet: Start by connecting your Web3.0 wallet to our platform. This crucial step ensures seamless integration and security from the beginning, allowing you to access and manage your digital assets effortlessly.

  2. Display and Select NFTs: Once connected, your assets are automatically displayed. Our user-friendly interface lets you easily select the assets you wish to insure, offering full control over your insurance coverage.

  3. Secure Your Coverage: Finalise your insurance with flexible payment options (crypto or fiat) and receive immediate coverage. A digital agreement, stored on-chain, outlines clear terms, ensuring peace of mind with our tailored protection.

Innovative Features of Qorra's NFT Insurance

  • Secure Storage with Multi3 Horreum: Your RWAs are stored in our secure vault, compliant with ISO27001 standards, offering robust protection up to $10 million in coverage.

  • Qorra-Certified Clone NFTs: For enhanced security, we create a clone of each stored RWA token. This clone serves as proof of insurance and ownership without compromising the original asset's security in our vault. In the unlikely event of a breach affecting the clone, the original RWA remains secure, protected by our advanced security measures and insurance coverage.

  • Adaptive Coverage: Our system proactively monitors the market value of your RWAs, enabling coverage adjustments to ensure full protection at their current value.

  • Transferability of Insurance: Recognising the fluid nature of RWA ownership, our policies are fully transferable, maintaining the value and security of the RWA, regardless of ownership changes.

Why Choose Qorra?

Qorra is more than an insurance provider; we are pioneers in the RWA space, committed to safeguarding your digital treasures. By merging ISO-certified storage solutions with a clear and adaptable insurance model, we offer unparalleled protection. Our approach ensures that your RWAs are safe, secure, and valued, providing unmatched peace of mind in the digital asset space.

See Qorra in Action:

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