7. Tokenomics & Special Privileges

The Qorra ecosystem is meticulously designed to balance immediate utility with long-term value growth. Through innovative tokenomics, including W-QOR and a strategic staking strategy, we aim to foster a robust and engaging environment for all stakeholders. Our commitment to aligning incentives ensures the sustainability and prosperity of the Qorra ecosystem, inviting stakeholders to partake in a future where their investments are protected, and their contributions are valued.

7.1 Total Supply & Allocation

The Qorra ecosystem introduces its native token, QOR, with an initial total supply of 100 million tokens. The allocation strategy is designed to support ecosystem growth, incentivise stakeholders, and ensure liquidity:

  • Seed Rounds to Public Sale: Channels for early investment and community engagement.

  • Liquidity and Listing: Facilitates market fluidity from inception.

  • Staking Pool Reward: Motivates active platform participation.

  • Development, Marketing, Treasury: Provides for continuous development, outreach, and reserves.

7.2 Detailed Vesting Schedule and Token Release

A carefully structured vesting schedule underpins long-term ecosystem stability:

  • From Pre-Seed to Launchpad: Tokens initially release at the Token Generation Event (TGE) with varying cliffs, followed by monthly distributions to ensure gradual market entry.

  • Liquidity and Listing: Tokens are immediately available to bolster market operations.

  • Development Team and Treasury: Commences with a commitment period, absent of initial release, transitioning into gradual monthly vesting to mirror the platform's growth trajectory.

7.3 Wrapped Tokens (W-QOR): Enhancing Transactional Flexibility

Within the Qorra ecosystem, wrapped tokens (W-QOR) serve a pivotal role in balancing utility with the long-term benefits of token staking and vesting. Recognising the desire of our stakeholders to participate actively in the ecosystem without compromising the potential growth and rewards associated with their vested interests, we introduce W-QOR as a solution to this challenge.

Purpose of Wrapped Tokens (W-QOR): W-QOR tokens are designed to address a common concern among our stakeholders: the desire to engage with and utilise their tokens within the Qorra ecosystem without diluting the value of their investment through premature withdrawal or sale. These tokens allow participants to 'wrap' their vested or staked QOR tokens into a flexible, spendable form. This mechanism ensures that while the original tokens remain locked in staking or vesting contracts, their equivalent value can still circulate within the ecosystem, facilitating transactions such as premium payments or other ecosystem interactions.

Operational Mechanism: Here’s how it works:

  1. Token Conversion: Stakeholders will have their staked or vested QOR tokens converted into W-QOR, enabling these tokens to be used within the ecosystem without affecting their underlying staking arrangement.

  2. Maintaining Total Supply Integrity: This process upholds the integrity of the total token supply, as the conversion into wrapped tokens does not increase the overall token count. The W-QOR simply represents staked or vested QOR tokens in a liquid form.

  3. Usage and Conversion Back: Stakeholders use W-QOR for transactions within the ecosystem, such as paying for premiums. When stakeholders wish to claim their vested tokens or if the staking period ends, they must 'burn' their W-QOR, converting them back into the original QOR tokens, which are then released from the staking or vesting schedule.

Benefits for Stakeholders:

  • Utility and Engagement: By allowing vested or staked tokens to be used for transactions, we ensure that stakeholders remain engaged and benefit from the ecosystem's services, even during vesting periods.

  • Investment Integrity: The conversion mechanism ensures that the act of utilising wrapped tokens does not undermine the vesting process, preserving the long-term incentives designed to reward our community.

7.4 Rewards and Staking Strategy

Our strategy rewards long-term investment and aligns stakeholder interests with platform success, utilising a dedicated rewards pool funded by insurance premiums:

  • Profit Distribution: Allocates 25% of net profits to the rewards pool for equitable stakeholder benefits.

  • Early Investors: APY rates increase over time—starting at 5%, escalating to 7% between months 19-24, and reaching 9% for months 25-36.

  • Launchpad Participants: Post-cliff, participants enjoy enhanced APY rates, encouraging sustained investment.

  • General Staking Rewards: Features a tiered APY structure, from 3% to 9%, designed to incentivise long-term holding and penalise early withdrawals with a decreasing tax system.

Premium Pool for Rewards A pool, funded by insurance premiums, ensures that token holder interests are aligned with the platform’s operational achievements.

Detailed Rewards Schedule

Our approach caters to various stakeholder groups, encouraging sustained engagement through structured incentives:

Early Investors

  • Initial Lock-up: 5% APY for the first 18 months.

  • Post-Cliff: Increases to 7% APY from months 19 to 24, and 9% APY from months 25 to 36.

Launchpad Participants

  • Post-Cliff: 6% APY after the initial 3-month cliff.

  • Extended Staking: 8% APY from months 4 to 12, and 10% APY from months 13 to 36.

General Staking Rewards

  • 0-6 Months: 3% APY, encouraging initial investment.

  • 7-12 Months: 4% APY, rewarding continued staking.

  • 13-18 Months: 5% APY, incentivizing longer-term holding.

  • 19-24 Months: 7% APY, further increasing rewards.

  • 25-30 Months: 8% APY, nearing the maximum incentive.

  • 31-36 Months: 9% APY, leading up to the full payout.

Penality Rates for Early Withdrawals

A structured penality system discourages early withdrawals, with rates decreasing over time:

  • 6-12 Months: 50% penality on rewards.

  • 12-18 Months: 40% penality.

  • 18-24 Months: 30% penality.

  • 24-30 Months: 20% penality.

  • 30-36 Months: 10% penality.

  • After 36 Months: 0% Penality, promoting full-term staking.

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