12. Road Map

Qorra's Integrated Development Roadmap: Navigating Towards a Secure Digital Future

Qorra embarks on a meticulously planned journey to revolutionise insurance for digital assets. Our roadmap is not just a timeline of objectives; it's a blueprint for building a platform that blends cutting-edge technology with the trusted principles of insurance, all tailored for the blockchain era.

Stage 1: Initiation (6 to 12 Months) - Laying the Foundation

Foundation and Initial Setup (Late December 2023):

  • Underwriter Partnership: Our alliance with a leading insurance underwriter is a testament to our commitment to providing robust coverage. This partnership ensures that Qorra's insurance solutions are backed by financial strength and industry expertise, offering peace of mind to our users.

  • WebApp Beta and Website Launch: The rollout of our WebApp Beta alongside our official website marks Qorra's entry into the digital world. This phase is crucial for gathering user feedback, which will inform further development and refinement of our platform.

Development and Security Enhancement (Late January 2024):

  • Web-App Stage 1 Completion: Achieving a fully functional web application is a significant milestone. It signifies our readiness to serve our users with a seamless and secure online experience, ensuring that they can easily navigate our services.

  • Security Milestones: Our ISO 27001 Certification and comprehensive cybersecurity assessments underscore our unwavering dedication to security. By adhering to the highest standards, we safeguard our platform against threats, ensuring the integrity of user data and transactions.

Stage 2: Expansion (18 to 24 Months) - Scaling and Diversifying

MVP Launch and ICO (Late May 2024):

  • Product and Platform Growth: The launch of our MVP, coupled with a successful ICO, marks a pivotal moment in Qorra's journey. It allows us to showcase our innovative insurance solutions to early adopters and gather the funds necessary for expansive growth.

  • Platform Security Audit: Conducting thorough security audits post-MVP launch reaffirms our commitment to platform integrity. This step is vital for identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities, ensuring a secure environment for our users.

Platform Launch and Partnerships (Late August 2024):

  • Public Launch: Officially opening our platform for business is a testament to our readiness to meet the insurance needs of digital asset owners. This milestone is about more than just availability; it's about providing a trusted, secure service that users can rely on.

  • Ecosystem Expansion: Securing partnerships with RWA marketplaces is strategic for ecosystem growth. These collaborations not only extend our reach but also embed our insurance solutions within key digital asset communities.

  • Strategic Partnerships and Legal Foundations: The transition to operating under a Managing General Agent agreement and setting the stage for eventual licensure as an insurance company are foundational for our scalability. These steps ensure that we're not just a participant in the digital insurance space but a driving force shaping its future.

Stage 3: Globalisation (24 to 36 Months) - Establishing Global Leadership

Expansion and Innovation (Early April 2025):

  • Funding and Market Penetration: Securing Series A funding empowers us to scale our operations and extend our market reach significantly. Our goal to supply a substantial share of global RWA insurance policies is ambitious, reflecting our vision to lead in the digital asset insurance space.

  • Metaverse Policy Development: Venturing into Metaverse and in-game RWA insurance policies is a forward-thinking move. It positions Qorra at the forefront of emerging digital frontiers, ready to meet the evolving insurance needs of these novel spaces.

Becoming a Globally Licensed Insurer:

  • Capacity and Partnerships: Aiming for a large capacity and forming strategic re-insurer agreements are steps toward resilience and robustness. They enable us to offer comprehensive coverage options, reassuring our users of our capability to support their diverse needs.

  • Administrative and Regulatory Milestones: Perfecting our administrative systems and obtaining global insurance licenses are about more than operational excellence. They represent our commitment to regulatory compliance and user trust, crucial for our globalisation efforts.

Financial Overview

Our financial strategy is meticulously crafted to support each phase of our roadmap. From initial setup costs in the Initiation phase to significant investments during Expansion and Globalisation, we're committed to prudent financial management and strategic resource allocation. This approach ensures not just the growth of Qorra but also its sustainability and resilience in the face of evolving market demands.

As we forge ahead, Qorra remains dedicated to its vision of revolutionizing digital asset insurance. Through innovation, strategic expansion, and a steadfast commitment to security and compliance, we are not just navigating the present but shaping the future of digital insurance. Join us on this journey, as we work together to secure a more reliable and trustworthy digital world.

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