15. Appendix

Risk Disclaimer: Understanding the Stakes

Engaging with the Qorra ecosystem, including participation in the Seed sale and the utilization of Qorra tokens for securing NFT insurance on our Beta platform, embodies a venture that carries inherent risks. Despite our rigorous efforts to fortify the platform against vulnerabilities and to design Qorra tokens as a reliable mechanism for insurance coverage, participants should be cognizant of potential risks that could precipitate losses:

  1. Market Risk: The value of Qorra tokens is subject to market dynamics. External factors, often beyond our predictive capacity or control, may lead to fluctuations in token value, potentially impacting participants adversely.

  2. Technology Risk: Blockchain, for all its security advantages and robustness, is not impervious to risks. Cyber-attacks, technical vulnerabilities, or operational hiccups could compromise asset security, underscoring the importance of continuous vigilance and platform integrity maintenance.

  3. Regulatory Risk: The regulatory landscape for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies is evolving. Changes in legislation or regulation could unpredictably affect the Qorra platform's operation and the broader utility and value of Qorra tokens.

  4. Subject to contract: This whitepaper is a position paper of Qorra, the product, the system, and the approach. It is not a binding contract for investors, partners, clients, prospects.

Given these considerations, we advise potential participants to seek guidance from financial advisors and to engage in comprehensive research prior to committing to insurance coverage for NFTs through Qorra tokens. Your informed decision-making is paramount to navigating these waters with awareness and preparedness.

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