13. Team and Advisors

Meet the Team Behind Qorra: Expertise Fuelling Innovation

At Qorra, we take immense pride in our dynamic team and esteemed advisors, whose collective experiences and skills are the driving force behind our platform's achievements.

Leadership and Innovation

Adam Mazzocchetti, CEO: A visionary in the blockchain security domain, Adam boasts over a decade of experience as a behavioural security specialist. His entrepreneurial journey includes the notable sale of his first company by age 33, showcasing his strategic acumen and leadership that guide Qorra towards success.

Actuarial Insights and Financial Strategy

Greg Solomon, Chief Actuary: Greg's background with Swiss Re and in independent consulting provides Qorra with invaluable actuarial advice, informing our financial and business strategies to manage risk effectively.

Security and Assurance

Howard Poston, CISO: An authority on cybersecurity, Howard's published works and vigilant oversight of our digital infrastructure ensure the utmost security of Qorra's platform, safeguarding our operations and user data against evolving threats.

Insurance and Underwriting Expertise

Terence Anderson, CIO: Bringing four decades of insurance industry experience, including leadership roles at AIG Asia, Terence's expertise in underwriting and policy development is vital in enhancing Qorra's insurance offerings.

Blockchain Development and Web3 Innovation

Shahroz Khan, Technology Maestro: As a blockchain developer and web3 enthusiast, Shahroz's profound understanding and practical application of blockchain technology have led to over 10 successful projects. His expertise is pivotal in advancing Qorra's technological capabilities.

Branding and Strategy

Alisa Katan, CBMO: With a 25-year track record in brand strategy, Alisa's creative insights have shaped global brands, including F45. Her expertise in marketing strategy and customer engagement is instrumental in defining Qorra's brand identity and outreach.

Product Development and User Experience

Martin Guerin, Head of Product: Martin's commitment to user-centric design and extensive market research informs our product strategy, ensuring Qorra's offerings meet and exceed user expectations for value and functionality.

Advisory Excellence

Dr Marcus Powe, Advisor: With over 40 years of fostering innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship, Dr Powe's guidance is invaluable as Qorra navigates growth and technological advancement on a global scale.

Each member of the Qorra team brings a unique set of skills and experiences, contributing to a comprehensive approach to digital asset protection. Together, we are committed to delivering secure, innovative, and user-friendly solutions in the tokenised blockchain space, leading the way towards a safer and more secure Web3 environment.

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